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Below are links that we investigated at the October 2009 meeting. These are a collection of sites recommended by members present at the club, and are well worth a good look:

[[ KinoAmp - RISC OS Video player]]
[[ RISC OS tutorial]]
[[ Virtual Risc PC trouble shooter]]
[[ Virtual Risc PC support]]
[[ Somascape Software - including !Mixer - RISC OS shared sound mixer control]]
[[ RISCOS Ltd's Online documentation]]
[[ Rosemary Miskin's software]]
[[ Chris Bazley's software]]
[[ Theo Markettos' RISC OS security software]]
[[ Jason Tribbeck's software - including DuneII and Aced]]
[[ David Thomas' software - home of PrivateEye]]
[[ Chris Whytehead's acorn historical encylopedia]]
[[ The ARM club]]
[[ RISC OS Org's useful RISC OS links]]
[[ RISC OS webring]]
[[ Richard Goodwin's site - Some RISC OS software and a museum]]
[[ RISC OS Filebase - very useful database of links. Can subscribe for updated links]]
[[ Acorn user magazine historical index]]
[[ Qercus magazine site - includes free downloads of article related software]]
[[ David Llewellyn-Jones' software]]
[[ Nat Queen's RISC OS security software]]
[[ Martin Avison's software - including the excellent TaskUsage]]
[[ Sinenomine - Home of Impact database and other software]]
[[ Dave Higton's software]]

[[ non-riscos general archive of the web]]
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