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@@====RISC OS North West User Group====
affiliated to [[ The Association of Acorn User Groups]]@@

**The RISC OS North West User Group** (//RONWUG//) is a computer club for users of [[ RISC OS]]. RONWUG meets on one Monday each month at the TraffordMetrovickRugbyandCricketClub.

- TraffordMetrovickRugbyandCricketClub Getting to RONWUG
- ForthcomingMeetings
- JoiningRONWUG
- [[ The RONWUG Chat mailing list]]
- PreviousMeetings
- [[RISCOSNorthWest RISC OS related information for the North West]]
- The [[RONWUGCommittee]]
- RONWUG MembersWebsites

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